Effects of Primoteston

What are the effects of Primoteston? While it may sound simple, thereís a lot of truth in this statement; the effects of Primoteston include just about everything youíd want out of an anabolic steroid. Perfect for off-season and cutting cycles, we want to go into detail in a way that anyone can understand so that you know exactly what to expect out of this steroid. No, we wonít be looking at the side effects of Primoteston, for information on possible adverse effects please see the side effects link. Here we are only concerned with the positive attributes and as you will soon see the positive effects of Primoteston are definitely worth your attention.

Bulking Effects of Primoteston:

When itís time to begin a new off-season bulking phase few steroids are as valuable as testosterone. Through the effects of Primoteston large amounts of new lean muscle tissue can be built and more importantly with less body fat accumulation that would otherwise accompany such growth. With its ability to promote enhanced protein absorption and utilization of this essential anabolic nutrient, when adequate calories are provided we simply grow. Couple this with its ability to promote the wildly anabolic hormone IGF-1 and the effects of Primoteston of an off-season nature are simply unbeatable. Of course, where this steroid truly shines is in its ability to provide such growth without excess body fat. Make no mistake, if you eat like a pig youíll still end up a pig, but by the metabolic enhancement this steroid provides the effects of Primoteston will see this remedied with proper use. Follow a clean diet with just enough calories to grow and you will grow like never before and the growth will be quality.

Cutting Effects of Primoteston:


The effects of Primoteston are often understood when it comes to off-season bulking; however, many fail to realize its benefit during a cutting cycle. Once again, through its tremendous anabolic nature this will preserve your hard earned muscle tissue when dieting. In-order to lose body fat, we must burn more calories than we consume and as a result our muscle tissue is at risk in-order to meet the bodyís energy demands. Through the effects of Primoteston on nitrogen retention, by such enhancement we largely avoid this catabolic state. Further, once again the enhanced rate of protein efficiency protects us even more. If thatís not enough, the effects of Primoteston will increase the metabolic rate so that more body fat can be burned. By this steroidís strong binding to the androgen receptor, direct lipolysis is promoted and our fat loss goals are met with a tremendous enhancement.

Athletic Effects of Primoteston:

No matter who you are the effects of Primoteston will include an increased rate of recovery as well as enhanced muscular endurance. It does not matter what the purpose of use is, the effects of Primoteston will always yield such rewards. By the promotion of red blood cell counts our blood carries a greater level of oxygenation and through IGF-1 enhancements as well as overall improved nutrient absorption recovery times are shortened dramatically. Through such effects, the individual becomes more efficient in his training and strenuous activity, he doesnít tire out as fast and through enhanced recovery more work can be done. This doesnít necessarily mean training session need to be longer, quite the contrary, but more work can be done on an internal basis and thatís successful supplementation. After all, the purpose of anabolic steroid use in a performance enhancement capacity is to take what youíre already doing right and to do it a little better.